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Business shirts

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Shirt Special $5.50 each

Dynasty Drycleaners have state of the art shirt processing equipment which tensions wet shirts while drying them with the use of steam and air.

Firstly, we spot then launder shirts in a duel enzyme water bath.

Then our tension equipment then allows for your freshly laundered shirt to look sharper all day. We have 3 different shirt processing units.

  1. Our Weishi brand hard plate machine is ideal for white dress shirts. This gives the best starch feel to the front panel of the shirt without the use of chemical starches. The back and arms use air and steam while under tension, to align the cellulose fibre of the garment, keeping it looking sharper for longer during wear.
  2. Our Barbanti brand tension blower unit is ideal for dark coloured fabrics. It uses tension and air/steam alone, so you won’t get colour fading from your shirts.
  3. We have a 2nd Barbanti tension former and a manual soft clad steam press for delicate and other ornate fabric types that will not successfully finish on our tension blower finisher. This is ideal for wedding dress, woollens, silk fabrics, etc…

These are included in our shirt service:

  • Loose or broken buttons are tightened or replaced (with standard buttons)
  • Shirts can be starched according to preference
  • Shirts are returned on hangers or folded if you preferred
  • Less creases during wear – wet to dry, steam and air finishing delays creasing
  • Professional stain removal (additional charge)
  • No risk of damage, shrinkage, dye run

Note: shirts must be cotton cotton/poly and be a size and shape that fits onto our automated shirt equipment. Other items (fitted tops, stretch fabrics, etc) are charged at our hand finished prices.


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