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Dynasty Dry Cleaners in Perth

We are bound by the code of ethical practice of the Drycleaning Institute of Australia Ltd, and are fully insured against loss or damage to garments in our care. More...

Let us introduce you to our core values. These were designed by every level of Employee, Supervisor, and Management personnel at Dynasty Drycleaners in 2004. Since then the following 2 Dynasty Statements are raised at each monthly team meeting. They are:

Dynasty Drycleaners Perth Team

Vision Statement:

“To be the best at what we do, and maximise the overall needs of the organisation’s stakeholders”.

Mission Statement:

“We are in the business of cleaning and restoring garments and soft furnishings for a range of customers who value the quality product and excellent service that we deliver. Through constant teamwork, quality controls, advanced technology, and training, Dynasty will continue to improve: service; sustainability; help with personal growth of team members; and maintain an enjoyable working atmosphere”.

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