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Greenearth dry cleaning in Perth

Since 2006 Dynasty Drycleaners has been using the revolutionary GreenEarth technology. This process involves the use of a liquid silicon, rather than traditional solvents. The GreenEarth Cleaning solution used to dryclean your clothes is chemically inert. This means it does not chemically interact with your clothes in any way. Rather, it carries detergent to your clothes and rinses away suspended dirt and oils trapped by the detergent.

The solvent is safer for buttons and trim. This makes the processing of your special clothes easier with no special handling.

Dry cleaning you can feel good about.


RECYCLABLE SUIT BAGS eco-friendly dry cleaning

SAM 0043 Dynasty Drycleaners offer our regular customers a complimentary
Recyclable Suit Bags  to bring your drycleaning to and from the store in an effort to eliminate poly plastic bag waste. It also has the convenience of:

  • Eliminates plastic waste
  • Durable fabric – will protect delicate items inside
  • Duel purpose bag – bring in as a laundry bag, take home as a suit bag
  • No waiting in a queue. Your bag ID means you can drop your bag at the counter
  • Optional Credit Card facility (secure) so you don’t have to wait around for payment



Some believe that drycleaning is not environmentally friendly because of the use of solvents to rinse clothing and textiles in, and the water consumed in laundry areas. Yet the Australian Drycleaning Industry can boast a high level of recycling of solvents, and economical use of water and energy.

Australian Drycleaning Plants

The majority of the Australia drycleaning industry has equipment that distils the solvent used to clean garments, and rejuvenates it back to a pure solvent for the next batch of garments.

eco-friendly dry cleaning

Bulk Laundry

Commercial washing machines predominantly used in the Australian drycleaning Industry are front loading and range from 17Kg to 27Kg. The combination of capacity and horizontal axis rotation offers better washing potential than domestic top loaders. They also have the benefit of less mechanical action for gentler laundering of clothes, with a very substantial saving in water and energy use.

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