Dry cleaning equipment can make a difference to the final look and longevity of your garments. The most modern equipment will ensure the protection of delicate fabrics and ornamentation, and leave a good finish without any shine marks or pocket lines.


We have the versatility of two different types of dry cleaning solvents (used to rinse your garments). One is stronger for the more difficult soiling, while our Green Earth solvent is much gentler on fabrics and dyes, and much safer to environment and around people. The Stronger solvent we use  (Solvon K4) is a modern alternative to the traditional solvents that most others use, and has much less effect to health and environment.

Our professional drycleaning equipment is 6th generation. What does this mean? Every time your garments are rinsed in solvent, the solvent is then distilled, producing pure solvent ready for the next load of garments. Even in the following drying cycle, there is no vent to atmosphere, rather continuous heating and cooling of air flow via refrigeration which further recovers the remaining solvent. 

Both of our Drycleaning Machines are fully programable, so we can control the mechanical action, solvent temperature and drying temperature. Therefore we can run gentle (Deluxe) cycles of delicate fabrics.

Our Morley Professional Drycleaning Plants consist of:

  • 32 Kg System K4 Union HL 880K drycleaning machine 
  • 32Kg GreenEarth Union HL 880 drycleaning machine 
Union HL 880 drycleaning plant
Union HL 880K drycleaning plant
Commercial Washers and Dryers

Pressing / Finishing​

Dynasty Drycleaners boasts state of the art equipment which is not rivalled in WA. This equipment will ensure a great finish, but without shine of pocket marks on yourfavourite garments.

  • Our Barbanti Jacket Finisher uses tension, steam and air (without heat or pressure), to eliminate risk of shine, or even pocket lines.
  • We have 2 different shirt processing units equipment which allows for your freshly laundered shirt to look sharper all day. When you see people in your office with crisp looking shirts through the whole day, it will be a result of this type of finishing. You cannot iron a shirt to this finish at home:
    1. Our Weishi brand hard plate machine is ideal for white dress shirts. This gives the best starch feel to the front panel of the shirt without the use of chemical starches. The back and arms use air and steam while under tension, to align the cellulose fibre of the garment, keeping it looking sharper for longer during wear.
    2. Our Barbanti brand tension blower unit is ideal for dark coloured fabrics. It uses tension and air/steam alone, so you won’t get colour fading from your shirts.
  • We have a traditional non-tension Sussie former and a manual soft clad steam press for delicate and other ornate fabric types that will not successfully finish on our tension blower finisher. This is ideal for wedding dress, woollens, silk fabrics, and any other delicate fabrics…
  • We have Perth’s only Silc Vertical Trouser Press. No other trouser finisher leaves the quality finish of this machine.
  • Our traditional Trouser Topper and Vacuum Ironing table is used for silk pants. It is also ideal for pressing Chino pants and jeans – without the use of a hot iron.
Barbanti Shirt Tensioner
Soft Clad Steam Press
Silc trouser press

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