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What Is Drycleaning?

Drycleaning is simply the process by which soils and stains are removed from garments and textiles by the use of solvents rather than water. The solvents are in liquid form and the equipment used to dryclean clothing looks much like a large front loading washing machine. It uses “mechanical action” to loosen and remove soils and stains while at the same time the liquid is being constantly distilled, rejuvenating to a pure solvent for the next batch of garments.

The process of drycleaning dates back to 1800′s when by accident a petroleum-type fluid was accidentally spilled on a piece of fabric that was stained with a greasy stain… it quickly evaporated and left the area clean where the fluid had been spilled. The firm of “Jolly Belin” opened in Paris, France in the 1840′s and is reported to be the “First Dry Cleaning Firm” in existence.

Other than the processes of identifying garments and packaging orders, there are 3 main stages of drycleaning your garments and textiles:

  1. Spotting;
  2. Rinsing;
  3. Pressing.


(stain removal) is the application of necessary agent(s) to assist stain removal. Depending on the drycleaning technology used, spotting may occur prior, during, or after the rinsing process.

A stain may be soluble in water or solvent, and may also have an acid or alkali chemical pH. A skilful Drycleaning Operator will use a sequence of spotting agents on difficult or unknown stain.

Rinsing is the process of immersing garments in a solvent to flush out:

  • impurities;
  • soiling;
  • dissolve oils;
  • and to destroy fibre parasites.

After rinsing in solvents garments and textiles are dried by continuous refrigeration to extract the solvent and have them safe for handling.

Perchloroethelylene (Perc) is the most commonly used solvent in Australia today, yet several new alternatives have come onto the market over the last 15 years. Dynasty does not use Perc, instead using 2 alternatives with lower Hazchem classifications.

Pressing or finishing involves the use of: steam; air; and vacuum, to remove creases and re-align the fabric, so your garment is ready to wear again.

[Beware of drycleaners that use excessive heat and/or pressure]

As a general rule, as with anything else, you tend to get what you pay for. At Dynasty Drycleaners, we are a “Drycleaning Institute of Australia Ltd” member, and take great pride in making your wardrobe look great.

It is particularly helpful if you know the source of a stain and can point it out to our staff when you bring your garments in for cleaning. Also specify any other requirements, and in that way we can choose the very best and most effective and environmentally efficient cleaning and finishing processes.


Doing your laundry is simply a matter of dropping off your clothes and picking them up. Think of all those hours you spend washing, drying, sorting and ironing your laundry. Drycleaning is a valuable service which allows you more time to pursue all those more important things in life.

No ironing!

Our professional finishing means garment get a wrinkle-free, crisp and new appearance that beats ironing any day.

Stain removal.

Do you really know the best way to remove that wine, chocolate or sauce stain? Each stain requires a different kind of treatment and our experts understand the precise method of removing them.

Fabric care.

You may know how to wash wool, or cotton, or silk – but what about all the other fabrics like angora, or microfiber, or seersucker? Each fabric requires a different kind of laundering treatment. Drycleaners have this knowledge to in order to care best for the clothes they receive.

Longer lasting clothes.

Regular drycleaning prolongs the life of clothing because items are being cared for professionally, according to their unique requirements. By drycleaning them regularly you are protecting your investment.

Avoid shrinkage.

Drycleaning avoids shrinkage, the number one destroyer of good garments.

Look better, feel better.

Your clothing is an expression of your personality and image. When you look good you feel better and more confident.

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