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Dynasty Drycleaners uses the GreenEarth drycleaning processes for the best possible results on leather and suede garments. After leather cleaning we spray an emulsifier to even the colour closer to the original tone. Hems are re-glued if fallen out, then the garment is gently steamed into shape ready for wear. Because these processes are often repeated several times we need to keep your garment for 2 weeks. Only our most experienced qualified Drycleaning operators are involved in these processes.

Suede and leather are made from a natural hide, which may not be as perfect underneath the outer surface as it appears. Hide selection and manufacture can also effect the way your garment will servce through the cleaning process. Note how a garment might be affected:

  • Leather skins may contain a natural weakness which is cosmetically masked during Tanning, such as a Tick Bite or Scar Tissue camouflaged with filler.
  • Bellies (thin area of skin) may cause Wrinkles
  • Spliced skins can create Weak Areas or expose Veins
  • Glues may cause a leaching effect.
  • colour variationscan occur.

Dynasty Dry cleaners GreenEarth processes will minimise these effects, however, as a precaution of the potential issues above, we will only process with a disclaimer for leather & suede cleaning.

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Dynasty Drycleaners clean hand bags and fashion shoes by hand. We have experience with spotting of stains and shampooing to rinse out the spotters and soiling. We can also re-colour most textiles for an additional charge.

We have a decade of experience with the most exclusive fashion designed hand bags.

Most handbags and shoes clean with out issue, but below are some effects that can result from our processing with certain textile types:

  • Nubuck skin handbags will not shampoo successfully without staining the hide, therefore we refuse these items in most cases.
  • Satin shoes will appear slightly duller after processing, but this a better result than leaving them soiled in most cases. We will explain this in detail at dropping off.

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Tips when making your leather garment purchase

Colour Changes:

  • Aniline dyes used for colouring most leathers and suedes can oxidize from exposure to light and gases in the atmosphere. This can become more noticeable after the necessary drying cycle of drycleaning.
  • To avoid matching accessories need to be cleaned together with the garment.
  • Dynasty does provide the additional service of re-dressing of all items after cleaning to restore (as near as possible to original colour).

Buying Leather/Suede Garments

  • Buy from a reputable store.
  • The cost of a leather or suede garment has nothing to do with reputation. We find most Indonesian made garments service poorly, as do several of the highest priced labels. Local Australian made garments service very well in most cases.
  • Look for careful matching of colours and textures between portions of the garment. Suede will never be completely uniform, but that is part of its desirability.
  • Avoid a snug fit. Hides are stretched during tanning and some relaxation shrinkage can be expected in use and cleaning.
  • Read and save any accompanying care information.
  • Avoid light and pastel colours, as they have a higher risk of discolouration over the long term.

Care Begins at Home

  • If staining occurs, take the garment to a professional suede and leather cleaning specialist as soon as possible. Do not try to remove spots at home.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of having your leathers cleaned when you bring them out of storage at the end of winter. A final leather cleaning before your garment goes into storage will prevent: food sugars oxidising the dye colour; protein stains reacting with the hide; and insect larvae and mites from eating the hide.
  • Wear a scarf or collared shirt to protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils.
  • Leather is subject to drying out if exposed to dry heat and to mildew if stored in a hot, humid environment.
  • If the garment gets wet, let it air dry away from heat. Store leather garments in a cool, ventilated area.
  • Do not store leather in a plastic bag – as it encourages discolouration and sometimes mildew.

Soiling and Professional Leather Cleaning

  • Set stains cannot always be removed. In particular:

    • Sticky labels have an adhesive that causes a chemical reaction with the garment’s dye, and will leave permanent staining.
    • Long term soiling can become ingrained in the hide, and any form of protein(blood, milk, etc) can cause instant and permanent damage to the hide.
    • Chipped top coated leathers may look like soiling, but in fact the coating damage can not be restored, and the stained look aroung the edges may become worse from drycleaning. If this sounds familiar, bring your leather garment to us to identify for you.

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