Henderson Wedding Dress Drycleaning


Henderson most experienced wedding dress specialists, boasting 37 years of working on gowns with the same owner/operator, which is why most Wedding Dress Salons work with us, ensuring their clients get the best possible post-wedding experience.

After accepting your gown, our specialist will inspect your most valuable possession and send you a detailed report outlining the agreed condition of the dress, and any faults or potential that stains wont remove successfully. Our stain removal record is 5 out of 6 gowns finish perfect, and 1 in 6 may have permanent spots on the train – usually from metals interacting with the fabric from the dancefloor (for example). 

Our proven processes:

  1. Hand Spotting is the most time consuming process with gown cleaning, but that is how we get the best results.
  2. We then use any of our 3 drycleaning solvents to rinse garments depending on the needs of the dress fabric type and soiling requirements.
  3. Finishing (Hand Pressing) is the final process.
  4. In most cases the whole procedure is repeated several times to get the best results. That’s why we do ask to keep your gown for quite some time.

Please read our Google and Facebook reviews that endorse our integrity over four decades. 

This pic is a gown we recently preserved.


Base Price

Base Wedding Dress Cleaning
$ 200
  • Basic Gown
  • Very Little Soiling
  • Less than 1m Train
Starting from

Silk Dress

Does your dress contain silk or acetate?
$ +150 If YES, add to base price
  • Requires hand spotting
  • Careful Cleaning
  • Requires Dynasty's Expertise
Add for silk

Soiling variance

4 Levels of charges
$ +0 to 225 Add to base price
  • shop soiled or few spots $0
  • Little soiling +$75
  • Soiling around Train +$150
  • Very Soiled Train + $225
Add this

Train Length variance

5 Levels of Charges
$ +0 to 200 Combine with other charges
  • No Train +$0
  • 1m +$50
  • 2m +$100
  • 3m + $150
  • 4m or 3 or more layers + $200
and add this

+ Packaging Prices

New Bag

Dynasty Provides at no cost
$ 0
  • No Charge and ideal if selling your gown.
No Charge

Standard Box

$ 60
  • works in ideal conditions
With Tissue

Standard Box

$ 80
  • Works in ideal conditions
with tissue

Prestige Preservation

with warrantee
$ 180
  • We Guarantee

TOP 3 reasons why so many Henderson Brides choose Dynasty Drycleaners

1. Experience

We are unrivalled in WA.

2. Free Appraisal

Between 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday – Friday, Dynasty will examine your gown with you, and advise on:

  • permanent soiling
  • note any damage to ornamentation
  • quote on cost of cleaning and/or preservation

3. Free Delivery in WA

Dynasty will return your gown anywhere in WA free of charge. Simply request when leaving your gown.

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